Tilex® Daily Shower Cleaner

Just spray after every shower to keep soap scum and hard water stains at bay.

With Tilex®Daily Shower Cleaner, it's easy to banish buildup from your shower walls. No rinsing or wiping required, and no harsh chemicals to worry about. Just spray and walk away.

  • The Once-a-Day Shower Spray
  • Prevents soap scum and hard water buildup
  • No rinsing, wiping or scrubbing required
  • No bleach, ammonia or harsh chemicals
  • Leaves no dull residue

Usage Instructions




Easy Cleaning with Tilex® Daily Shower Cleaner

  1. Always stand on a non-slip surface when in the shower or tub. Run your shower for a few seconds before entering.
  2. For best results, start with a clean shower. Immediately after showering, mist Tilex® Daily Shower Cleaner on all surfaces, including glazed tile, tub, shower curtain or door. Do not rinse, wipe or scrub. If you see streaks, rinse off and apply less.
  3. If starting with a partially soiled shower, you will not see immediate results. Tilex® Daily Shower Cleaner loosens built-up deposits and will clean your shower in 2 to 4 weeks. If pre-existing deposits remain, wipe away with a soft cloth while showering.
  4. To keep your shower clean, continue to mist Tilex® Daily Shower Cleaner every time you shower. A 32-oz. bottle should last about 4 weeks.
  5. Surface Safety: Tilex® Daily Shower Cleaner works safely on shower surfaces. It is non-abrasive and contains no harsh chemicals. Do not use on natural marble, brass, acrylic, or varnished wood. For all other surfaces, test in an inconspicuous area.
  6. Storage Suggestions: Bathtub ledge or shower caddy.